Sofihub Care

$20.00 / month + a sign-up fee of $1,275.00



Sofihub is a home assistant and carer notification system for seniors and people with disabilities.

Using sensors (IoT) to identify the location of a resident in their home, Sofihub provides carers and family members insights on daily routine and will raise a notification when expected activity does not occur.

Greeting: “Good morning…” Every morning Sofi lets you know she is there with a greeting and today’s weather.

Late to wake notification: If you are unable to get up in the morning, Sofi will send a notification to your family to let them know you may need some help.

Medication: “It looks like you have forgotten to take your 12 o’clock medication.” Sofi medication sensor knows when you forget to take your medication and gives you a gentle reminder.

Hydration: “Good afternoon, it’s very hot today, make sure you drink plenty of water.” On hot days, it’s important to stay hydrated.

Bathroom: Sofihub will send a notification if you are in the bathroom for longer than expected.

Doctor’s Appointment: “Good afternoon! Don’t forget, you have an appointment with Dr. Jones at 3 pm.”


We will be in touch to assist you with installation and set up of Sofihub once you have purchased the system.