Sofihub Assistant

$20.00 / month + a sign-up fee of $836.00

Passive Monitoring and Intelligent Messaging.



Ever wished you had a personal assistant to remind you about everything that you are supposed to be doing today? Like putting out the bins, wishing someone happy birthday or taking your medication. Well, perhaps you need a Sohub Assist.

Sofihub’s intelligent messaging system can remind your loved ones when they have an appointment or when they miss their medication, saving you from the worry.

Time based messages: Play at the specified time.
Medication reminders: A reminder message will play if the medicine cabinet is not accessed at the scheduled time.
Occupancy based messages: If the room that the hub is located in is occupied between the start and the expiry times, the message will be played.


Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 13 × 27.5 × 19 cm